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Juliette is characterized by gentle oval curves and a soft pearl coloring, all lending toward a more leisurely pace and style. A beautifully cut floral design and flowing ambient light bring to life the scenery, vibrant scents and romantic interludes of the French countryside. A masterfully crafted symbol that embodies a taste of the good life. Surprisingly, underneath the calming floral shell exterior there is a highly efficient range hood. All that is possible due to Elica’s patented ECOLUTION system

Juliette offers a 350 CFM blower, halogen lighting and a high-efficiency filter system that effectively removes cooking grease, heat, fumes and odours, with only a whisper of sound (.3 sones at speed 1) and does all this without dominating the kitchen or obstructing the glorious views outside. 

Think outside the kitchen and consider Juliette for an air cleansing role in other rooms of your home, such as a smoky billiard room or a den.

Product benefits

  • Ambient light Ambient light
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter

Technical features

  • Size

    90 cm

  • Finishes

    Ivory, black

  • Version


  • Commands

    3s Soft Light Push Button

  • Lighting

    Halo 2x20 W + Halo 6x28 W

  • Max airflow

    603 m³/h

  • Noise Level

    67 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    428 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm



  • Juliette 36" EJL336PL

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