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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Endless design possibilities. Essential lines and innovative materials are the distinguishing traits of Haiku. Its unique design enhances any space without sacrificying powerful extraction of 600 CFM.  The name takes its inspiration from a traditional Japanese form of poetry characterized by an essential style of writing with great richness of meaning. Indeed, the new Elica extractor system is the culmination of the desire to simplify design in the pursuit of purity, while simultaneously creating the perfect harmony between functional concepts.

Product benefits

  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
  • Special Material Special Material

Technical features

Haiku is designed to blend naturally with the kitchen space. The absence of discontinuity between the body and the chimney of the hood make Haiku a monolithic, tactile element, with no seams or joints on the front, making Haiku specially easy to clean.  Haiku is available in three finishes: STAINLESS STEEL:   Material par excellence for this category of products. Traditional with a professional appeal of the product.  ULTRA CLEAR BLACK TEMPERED GLASS: A glass with a very high strength and low iron content, which enhances its transparency properties.  BRIGHT WHITE KRION®:   The composition – two-thirds natural minerals and a small percentage of resins -. White KRION® has antibacterial properties related to the demonstrated photocatalytic capacity of the material: the KRION® surface, which prevents the bacteria formation. Also, its hardness, strength and durability makes possible to have a reduced maintenance, as well as easy repair and cleaning due to the super low porosity.  Dimensions: 12.5", 48", 70" 

  • Width

    12.5’’, 48’’, 70’’

  • Sones


  • Extraction capacity

    600 CFM



  • HAIKU 12.5" Stainless Steel EHI613SS

  • HAIKU 48" Stainless Steel EHI648SS

  • HAIKU 48" Black Glass EHI648BL

  • HAIKU 48" White KRION EHI648WH

  • HAIKU 70" STainless Steel EHI670SS

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