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Design for a light and airy environment

Designed to be suspended above a kitchen island, Cingoli takes flight with graceful 36" or 42" arched glass wings, which allow natural light to illuminate the surface below. The expansive glass wings are complemented by reflective stainless steel. The beauty of Cingoli is combined with features such as a powerful 600 CFM blowerdishwasher-safe stainless steel microhole filter and high-tech multi-function electronic touch with LCD display controls that deliver convenience and safety.

Designed for standard ducted installation, Cingoli can also be installed as a recirculating system using the Recirculating Kit, available as an accessory.


CINGOLI S50 TCD4V 4H IX/A/36'"   ECN636S2
CINGOLI S50 TCD4V 4H IX/A/42'"   ECN642S2


Optional Recirculating Kit for 36" and 42" Unit   KIT02665
Optional Long Chimney Extension Kit for 9'0 - 12'0"   KIT0100317

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