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Tasarım Fabrizio Crisà

Interstellar is the new suspended Elica hood that is the ideal size (65 cm) for island kitchen installation. Its remarkable personality makes this hood the focal piece of any space. Starting with the conceptual lines of the iconic product Star, Interstellar mixes mirrored polished steel and 1150 pieces of glass, making the product particularly precious, full of light, and capable of creating a one of a kind atmosphere. The wraparound comforting lighting, is in fact, created by LED strips that regulate brightness, and by a led ring, which is able to perfectly direct light onto the cook top. A sensor that is installed in the hood, automatically detects  the type of cooking being carried out and  the quantity of vapors emitted, thus calibrating the level of aspiration needed in the best way possible. The aesthetic part can be easily disassembled in three parts and washed in the dishwasher, and the removal of filters is made easier by the use of magnets. Controlled by a remote control, that can access every feature, Interstellar comes in two catalog versions:  transparent and black glass. Equipped with a high performance new generation odor filterin addition to being Snap ready  ( connectable with the new innovative Elica SNAP aspiration system, which automatically monitors and improves air quality), this hood is part of the new Téchne product line created to offer top technology and high design , values which have always characterized the Elica brand.  



Bu ürünlerin artıları

  • Dim Light Dim Light
  • Revolution Filter Revolution Filter
  • Smart Installation Smart Installation
  • Special Material Special Material

Teknik özellikler

  • Genişlik


  • Enerji sınıfı


  • Boyut

    Ø 65 cm

  • Diş yüzeyler

    Cam, siyah cam

  • Versiyon

    Geri dönüşüm


    Led 9 W + Strip Led 2x40 W

  • Kontroller

    Touch control 3V+I (sensore)


    400 m³/h

  • Toplam soğurum

    134 W

  • Gürültü seviyesi

    53 db(A)

  • Boru boyutu

    150 mm


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