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Tasarım Fabrizio Crisà

Its shape and colour distinguish a design object with a technological heart, in full Elica style.
The shape is the result of the intersection of two “C”-shaped shells, one external, aesthetic and coloured that joins to another that is functional, made using smooth or perforated steel, forming an original cube measuring just 35 cm.
The hood is small and compact but ensures high extraction performance.
The extraction surface covers three sides, offering surprising performance in capturing fumes.
A concentrate of formal research and efficiency, 35CC is a product with a powerful appeal that combines functionality and versatility with different types of extraction: perimeter or with macro-perforated stainless steel.
The range includes island or wall-mounted versions and filter or extraction mode installation. With the wall-mounted extraction version, you can choose between an elegant stainless steel flue and the bracket, which enables back aspiration if the vent hole is positioned at the rear of the product.
The colour choice of the outer shell varies according to the type of extraction: in the Evoque version (perimeter extraction), you can choose from white, orange, taupe and lilac; in the Dynamique version (direct extraction through stainless steel holes), the colours available are red, black, yellow and green. It is also possible to customise the 35CC with the desired extraction surface thanks to special accessory kits (stainless steel macro-perforated panel, white, black and stainless steel perimeter panel).
The high efficiency lighting is provided by four LEDs, with a total of 12 W, ensuring an intense light on the hobs.
The extraction and lighting features are controlled by an innovative electronic touch control.
The result is a distinctive product with a strong character, sought after with its simple and decisive design, able to enhance the kitchen environment.
35CC is the Elica product in which design, attention to detail and the reliability of the brand come together masterfully.

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  • 35CC DYNAMIQUE RED/F/35 PRF0038757A


  • 35CC EVOQUE ORANGE/F/35 PRF0038754A

  • 35CC EVOQUE UMBER/F/35 PRF0038755A

  • 35CC EVOQUE WHITE/F/35 PRF0030032A

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