Elica designs your air

The air inside every house can be designed.
With its cooker hoods and new products for air purification and fragrance diffusion, Elica is its first architect.

Elica's domestic appliances, with their technology, innovation and unique and distinctive design, analyse, measure and create "new air" for the kitchen and every room in the house.

"Aria Nuova" is the mission statement that accompanies Elica from the design to production of its hoods, air purifiers and fragrance diffusers: the perfect synthesis of a corporate culture increasingly directed towards innovation.

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Elica: quality work, ethical empathy for the welfare of people and the environment

Passion, innovative thinking, sharing, energy channelled into constantly achieving new goals: these are the factors that make up the Elica philosophy, experienced and lived through daily in every single phase of production.

Reliability, experience, innovation, dynamism and stimulus to share are Elica's distinctive characteristics, a working environment in which different kinds of design knowledge and global expertise find expression in innovative cooker hoods and domestic appliances with a unique and very special sense of style.

Keeping things simple, constantly growing

Elica's story is an Italian story that has long crossed over geographical boundaries: Elica is appreciated and recognised worldwide as a symbol of Made in Italy quality, know-how and design, its name synonymous with appliances featuring high-level technology and innovation.

Elica propulsion laboratory: heart of the architecture of the air

Elica propulsion laboratory:
heart of the architecture of the air

Elica's technical laboratory is the only one in the world dedicated to cooker hoods, an international centre for excellence regarding studies on acoustics. It's in the Elica lab that the company's cutting-edge technology is studied, designed, created and tested, the technology that forms the true heart of every hood that goes out into the world's kitchens.

The Elica laboratory renews the present and invents the future, starting from the real needs of consumers, responding to their demands and anticipating their requirements in order to to create new trends. The aim is to make Elica hoods increasingly efficient in terms of suction performance, reducing noise as far as possible and improving the lighting system to ensure maximum ease of use around work surfaces and within the whole kitchen environment in general.

The Elica laboratory collaborates with national and international research bodies, universities and consortiums, bringing together physicists, chemists and engineers in a cutting edge research and study centre.

Since 2011, Elica is one of the founding members of Homelab, an Italian consortium for research into home automation. In 2013, the laboratory obtained the Accredia accreditation for the ability to carry out certification activities, inspections, testing and calibration for the release of certifications valid at an international level. Elica brings together the experience of designers and the dedication of a host of workers into a single path, one that is marked by the passion and attention to detail which are reflected in the cooker hoods that find their way into homes all around the world.


Fondazione Ermano Casoli

Созданный в честь основателя компании Elica, "Фонд имени Эрманно Казоли" был учрежден в 2007 году с целью развития взаимоотношений между миром искусства и миром производства путем продвижения различных инициатив, в которых современное искусство является дидактическим и методологическим инструментом, способствующим совершенствованию условий труда и способствуя инновационным процессам. Фонд занимается реализацией проектов в области искусства и корпоративной организации с целью создания базы для укрепления креативности и социального взаимодействия. В любых видах своей деятельности "Фонд имени Эрманно Казоли" выполняет роль посредника: художникам предоставляется полная автономия и свобода самовыражения, а компании гарантируется соответствие различных инициатив ее требованиям и целям. Компанию Elica можно сравнить с лабораторией, в которой "Фонд имени Эрманно Казоли" оценивает значимость различных видов своей деятельности. 

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