Elica Experience

Elica experience - witryna, której celem jest przedstawienie najlepszych kuchni, zrealizowanych przez architektów i projektantów wnętrz z całego świata, do których zostały wybrane nasze artykuły.
Każdy projekt pozwala podkreślić, w jaki sposób okapy Elica mogą dostosować się do indywidualnego wnętrza, stylu i potrzeb.

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  • Diane Berry + OM SPECIAL EDITION
    The brief for this kitchen was to create a contemporary, sleek, minimalist kitchen with the WOW fac
  • Atelier data + Twin
    ARCHITECTS COMPANY: Atelier data (www.atelierdata.com), Lisbona, Portogallo
    Atelier data + Twin Atelier data + Twin
  • Andrea Livio Volpato + OM
    Self-employed since 1995, he has gained a variety of experience in Italy and abroad:
    Andrea Livio Volpato + OM Andrea Livio Volpato + OM
  • Camenzind Evolution + PLATINUM
    Architecture studio
    K.I.S.S. is a boldly realised residential concept on Badenerstrasse in Zurich presenting 46
    Camenzind Evolution + PLATINUM Camenzind Evolution + PLATINUM
  • Melanie Craig + OLA
    The kitchen was designed for a home in Wanaka, where a complete renovation took place. This kitchen
    Melanie Craig + OLA Melanie Craig + OLA
  • Diane Berry + OM
    Since setting up her own ALNO kitchen design studio in 2002, Diane Berry's business has gone from
    Diane Berry + OM Diane Berry + OM
  • Stefano Giovannoni
    Product designer
    Bubble, entirely designed and made in Italy, will be exhibited in Beijing. Elica’s functionality and
    Stefano Giovannoni Stefano Giovannoni
  • Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM
    A house in the Apennine mountains of Reggio Emilia
    Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM
  • Widawscy + Victoria
    Wnętrze apartamentu w Sosnowcu to symboliczna przestrzeń wielu sztuk: malarstwa, poezji i muzyki. P
    Widawscy + Victoria Widawscy + Victoria
  • Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine
    Interior designer
    A furnishing project full of warmth and elegance, with a particular focus on aspects of high-tech
    Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine
  • Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba
    Product designers
    How did your collaboration with Elica start? We got to know Elica when we were working as Art
    Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba
  • Studio Marc + PLATINUM
    Architecture studio
    “CASA MIA”
    Studio Marc + PLATINUM Studio Marc + PLATINUM
  • Egue y Seta + PLATINUM
    Graphic e Interior designers
    CONTACTS c/Joaquin Costa nº24 (locales) 4º1ª 08001 Barcelona , Spagna e-mail: info@egueyseta.com
    Egue y Seta + PLATINUM Egue y Seta + PLATINUM
  • Moreno Cedroni
    Nel mio percorso professionale ho sempre ambito alla qualità dell’aria in cucina, sia per temperatu
    Moreno Cedroni Moreno Cedroni
  • Riccardo Diotallevi + MENHIR
    Riccardo Diotallevi + MENHIR Riccardo Diotallevi + MENHIR
  • Luisita Facchin + STAR
    The apartment is located on the fifth floor of the Casa Boni-Pelitti (1864), a historic building in
    Luisita Facchin + STAR Luisita Facchin + STAR
  • Cassidy Hughes + Bubble
    Interior designer
    The Design:
    Cassidy Hughes + Bubble Cassidy Hughes + Bubble
  • Arnaud Desiree + JASMINE
    Cauchois in PARIS’ 18th arrondissement, on the 4th floor of a building designed by Gustave Eiffel’s
    Arnaud Desiree + JASMINE Arnaud Desiree + JASMINE
  • Giulio Iacchetti
    Product designer
    How did your collaboration with Elica start?With Riccardo Diotallevi , then Elica’s head of
    Giulio Iacchetti Giulio Iacchetti
  • Simona Garufi + TWIN
    CONTACTS Simona Garufi C/Hortaleza, 108 6°izq. 28004 MADRIDwww.simonagarufi.com
    Simona Garufi + TWIN Simona Garufi + TWIN
  • Fabio Gianoli + STAR
    Interior Designer
    "To do a perfect Job you need a perfect customer"
    Fabio Gianoli + STAR Fabio Gianoli + STAR
  • Carlos Torre Hütt + WAVE
    Architectural Design: Mario Plasencia
    Carlos Torre Hütt + WAVE Carlos Torre Hütt + WAVE
  • Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO
    Il progetto, che abbiamo chiamato Il Fascino delle Curve, riguarda la ristrutturazione di un
    Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO
  • Maurice Padovani + TWIN
    Interior designer
    The kitchen is composed of two fully white-lacquered parallel blocks. Both are apart from the walls
    Maurice Padovani + TWIN Maurice Padovani + TWIN
  • De Amicis + Twin
    Riverside Apartment
     De Amicis + Twin  De Amicis + Twin
  • Cucine e Più + Om
    Architecture studio
    Parque Granada 57 Parques de la Herradura , Messico e-mail: ventas@cucineepiu.com
    Cucine e Più + Om Cucine e Più + Om
  • Gaetano Pesce
    Product designer
    Fireplace, stove, oven, kitchen: objects and places synonymous with the idea of warmth, inhabiting
    Gaetano Pesce Gaetano Pesce
  • Paola Busetto + TIFFANY
    Architect and designer
    The kitchen of Sergio Della Mura, Rue de la Verrerie, Paris
    Paola Busetto + TIFFANY Paola Busetto + TIFFANY
  • Goodchild&Company + NAKED
    Set in a Victorian extension, the kitchen the family inherited had clearly seen better days. 'It
    Goodchild&Company + NAKED Goodchild&Company + NAKED
  • Turco Home + Twin
    Brief description of project Turco Home was responsible for the complete redesign of the dwelling,
    Turco Home + Twin Turco Home + Twin
  • Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM
    Architecture studio
    CONTACTS Armando Ferriani Via Orcagna,47 50121 Firenze , Italia e-mail: info@armandoferriani.it
    Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM
  • Wendy Morgan + STAR
    This kitchen is a designers kitchen from Diane Berry Kitchens, Manchetser. The kitchen is an Alno
    Wendy Morgan + STAR Wendy Morgan + STAR
  • Manuel Benedikter + Capitol
    Project description House KaTo
    Manuel Benedikter + Capitol Manuel Benedikter + Capitol
  • Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS
    Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS
  • Mauro Uliassi
    We spoke about cooking, fish, smells, chefs and suction.How can one not think of Mauro Uliassi, the
    Mauro Uliassi Mauro Uliassi
  • Riccardo Bucci + MINI OM
    The dining area is set within a pitched construction, the peak of which is masked by an extensive
    Riccardo Bucci + MINI OM Riccardo Bucci + MINI OM