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Set in a Victorian extension, the kitchen the family inherited had clearly seen better days. "It desperately needed to be replaced", Lesley recalls. "Mike and I wanted a showcase for our new company, so we decided to use this room as a template. We also thought it was good idea to go through the same design process as our prospective customers".
From inspiration to installation
Yorkshire based Goodchild & Company will make your kitchen dreams a reality.
The kitchen is at the very heart of the home and where we spend a huge amount of our time. Entertaining, eating, working, relaxing, talking – no other room needs to be quite so versatile or quite so hard-wearing. When you decide to have the kitchen of your dreams, you need to be sure that you find an expert company that will work hard to understand your lifestyle, know how you plan to use your kitchen space, what elements are essential to you, your aspirations, what is on your “wishlist” and will work within your budget. 
Goodchild & Company enjoys from exceptionally good client relationships and regards the partnership between client and designer as fundamental to the successful installation of a new kitchen. Our clients are listened to, consulted and involved at every stage. Every Goodchild & Company client receives one-to-one attention from our Design Director, Mike Whalley, who has spent over 36 years in the kitchen business. A time served joiner himself, Mike knows every aspect of the kitchen industry and has a vast wealth of experience in both design and project management. Well respected for his empathetic design style, Mike is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, his practical approach and his professional standards. He takes the view that design is nothing without function –every aspect of the kitchen has to work well and be aesthetically pleasing!
All Goodchild & Company kitchens are individually hand built. All aspects of the design are considered, unique to you and made accurately to fit your lifestyle. Skilled craftsmen make the furniture by hand using traditional cabinet making techniques. All our kitchens are built using a time honoured in-frame construction. Our mortice and tenon doors are set into hardwood frames and our solid wooden drawers are hand-crafted using traditional dovetail joints. 
We marry the best of traditional carpentry skills with the best of today's component technology allowing us to bring together the best of both worlds: precision and performance. The quality of our furniture is second to none. 
Our inspiration comes from you and from the architectural and historical details of your home. Features like cornice, architrave and door designs are considered and incorporated into the furniture in order that it sits beautifully and empathetically in your home.
We can offer advice on all aspects of your project including the most appropriate work surfaces, appliances, best choice of flooring, lighting etc. that meet your needs. We can provide a full project management service in order to ensure a totally smooth, seamless service to make sure that you will enjoy the whole process, from inspiration to installation.
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