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K.I.S.S. is an ambitious residential concept on Badenerstrasse, Zurich, presenting 46 maisonnette apartments with striking interior designs. Tenants were able to choose between three examples of apartment types, each of them offering individual experiences. This creates a whole new living concep, enabling to make a selection based on identical layouts but with its own character, carrying names such as CLASSIC, INDUSTRIAL and FUNKY.
The two-level spaces of the appartments offer an imposing stage, bringing out the distinctive characteristics of the several rooms.
The FUNKY apartment stands out for its porthole window in the bathroom and a huge graffiti graphic on the main wall of the living room in open space. While at the INDUSTRIAL apartment there is exposed concrete with its own style of contemporaneity and clearness, along with stainless steel in the kitchen and plywood panels to define the personality of the appartment.
K.I.S.S. occupies a striking corner plot and thereby creates an independent "building sculpture". The shiny leather-like façade with slightly tilted metal window frames gives to the building its unmistakable identity. The building opens up towards the south and the sun with floor-height windows and colourful individually designed balconies.
Camenzind Evolution was responsible throughout the phases: from the first feasibility study, through concept development, design, construction and finally branding, marketing and first rentals. This enabled a harmonious implementation from start to end.
The architecture studio Camenzind Evolution was founded in 2004 by Stefan Camenzind and has grown to a team of 15-20 architects. Along with his business partner Tanya Ruegg, he has recently achieved a number of internationally award-winning projects, characterised not only by architecture, but also by their user-oriented development processes that support innovative approaches and provide a consistent delivery.
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