Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM

Architecture studio

Each choice for the project of this kitchen was guided by ergonomy. The search of maximum freedom of movement in this integrated solution for a living room generates a perfect domestic space to live in any moment of the day. Fashion is an ultralinear model, with a retractable handle and a simple, elegant design. The shutters of the cabinets in white lacquer emphasize the bases in dark oak, creating a bold but refined game of contrasts.
He was born in Bologna in 1960. Since 1968 he lives in Florence where, in 1993 he became Bachelor in Architecture.
Since 1985, this Furniture Designer and Art Director has been working as a consultant for the design and industrialization of products, specializing in integrated communication projects (design, re-styling of a product or a product line, optimization of industrial production, design of product communication, supervision and/or realization of photographic catalogs and informative material).
Via Orcagna,47
50121 Florence, Italy
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