Francesco Casoli

If you drink a glass of water and you don’t like the flavour, you put the glass down. But you can’t do that with air. So we decided you should have clean, perfect air to breathe in your home all the time, day and night.
We have dedicated ourselves to the task with passion. We wanted products that would ensure perfectly clean air for your home.
We wanted a domotics system that would transfer data from one product to the next, from the hob to the hood and from the hood to Snap. The idea is social domotics for all.
Domotics to manage the air of your home.
From now onward it will becoming increasingly likely that people will know what took place in their home a month ago.
It will become increasingly easy for people to know the quality of the air they breathe.
We devised and evolved our products because we want them smarter than ever before.

"We are the AIRchitects"