Paola Busetto + TIFFANY

Architect and designer

Design of the kitchen of Sergio Della Mura, in Rue de la Verrerie, Paris.
“Elegance and maximum functionality”, that is the perfect way to describe Paola Busetto’s Studio Pi Greko design for this white lacquered handleless kitchen. Set in the romantic atmosphere of the Marais district, in the heart of Paris, this sophisticated design creates a perfect harmony between the warm tones of wood and stone that characterize the surroundings, and the fresh hues of the more technical total white look of the lacquered front panels and Corian worktop of the kitchen.
The result is a friendly and welcoming ambience, with each element suitably integrated in order to produce a small work of art. Elica’s Tiffany hood is beautifully incorporated as the single decorative element of a large white wall -its only counterpoint is a scenic section of stone- displayed in all its fascination so we are hardly aware of its real function.
Since 1993, after graduating with a degree in Architecture from Venice’s IUAV University, Paola Busetto has been involved with design in the furniture industry, following a long tradition in her family, taking care of the product from conception to presentation.
She has designed stands for fairs and events in cities such as Rome, Milan, Dubai, Moscow, among others.
Today, she owns Studio Pi Greko and, thanks to her professional experience and philosophy of work, provides design and art direction for corporate showrooms, research and development for new products, as well as studios and settings for photos and renderings for a range of prestigious furniture manufacturers, specializing in both modern and classic design.
"Each project is created from the union between form and content and then, through painstaking attention to detail, it becomes unique".
Paola Busetto
via A. Volta, 5
33070 Brughera, Italy
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