Officine Multiplo + Star

Interior, Architectural and Communication Design

Located on the coast, the seaside villa is characterized by scenographic solutions and customised furniture. It consists of two levels, with the living area on the upper floor and the bedroom area on the lower. They are subdivided by teak “wings” that, thanks to the strong color contrast, shape the interior space and rectify the back walls, creating clear vectors and vanishing points to connect the environments. The resulting is an elegant, bright space.


OfficineMultiplo, established in 2007 in Turin, is an architecture, design and communication studio, the result of a union of similar career paths and training experiences. They believe that satisfying the needs of the client, and the ability to manage projects on a variety of scales, depend on principles of ongoing interaction combined with different disciplines and knowledge. OficcineMultiplo consider architecture, design and communication as interdependent forms of expression that are able to merge with and inspire each other. Whether designing public or private spaces; products or furniture; corporate or brand identity; they combine their knowledge –moving from concept to completion – to create unique solutions.


OfficineMultiplo s.r.l.

LungoDoraFirenze | 63A

10152 Turin | Italy

T/F +39 011 5538493