Induction hobs are becoming increasingly common in the kitchen: they represent the perfect combination of performance, functionality and look, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum safety in all types of cooking.

Elica's Lien induction hobs improve and simplify all kinds of cooking, guaranteeing precision and uniformity of the end result in far less time than traditional cooktops.

Lien induction hobs in your kitchen

Performance, functionality, safety and design

  • Reduction of
    cooking time
  • Maximum
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use
  • Elica design

How to choose
your induction hob

Choose the Elica induction hob that integrates perfectly with your kitchen, providing aesthetic enhancement while allowing you to cook in optimal conditions, saving time and ensuring excellent cooking quality.

Choose the hob in relation to the size of your work surface, ranging from a minimum of 60 cm to a maximum of 90 cm.

For those who love cooking, Elica's Lien hobs represent the ideal solution to enhance creativity and increase possibility: thanks to the bridge zone, pans of any size can be freely positioned within the induction hob's two large rectangular cooking zones.

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  • Standard
  • Semi filo
  • Filo top

How to install
your induction hob

Before installing your hob, please remember the following suggestions

  • 1 Follow all the steps indicated in the instruction manual.
  • 2 Verify that all size requirements are respected in order to obtain optimal performance without harming other kitchen cupboards.
  • 3 Check that the position of the electrical socket is close to the hob.
  • 4 Should any difficulties arise, request the intervention of a reliable specialist technician.
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Cleaning the induction hob

Elica's Lien induction hobs are designed and manufactured to ensure optimum long-life operation.

Thanks to the perfectly smooth surface and the special glass-ceramic material, cleaning is extremely quick and easy: just use a soft cloth and a mild detergent.

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