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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Lullaby is the new ceiling hood by Elica, an architectural, textural and lighting project that becomes the silent protagonist of the kitchen, offering new points of view and giving life to unprecedented situations in which users are pleasantly enveloped by a welcoming environment.

Product benefits

  • Dim-light Dim-light
  • Easy Installation Easy Installation
  • Revolution Filter Revolution Filter

Technical features

Lullaby is proposed as a large 120 cm shelf in natural oakwood with aged effect, suspended in the air, hiding the extractor system located above. The visible part facing the cooktop is dedicated to air extraction through the 3-metre edges of the large light panel with 30 watt full-light LEDs. Light represents the main element of Lullaby: its even and well-calibrated diffusion creates atmospheres characterised by strong emotions made unique by the possibility to adjust its intensity and choose the correct tone of white. The Kelvin scale regulation ranges from a very warm tone, 2200°K, for moments of intimacy and socialisation, to a very cold tone, 5000°K, perfect for preparing meals where maximum attention to detail is a must.

The available finishes are aged oakwood, designed to offer warmth to every space, and soft touch white lacquered wood, velvety to the touch and to the eye.

Lullaby was created to effortlessly blend in with the surrounding architecture. Thanks to the additional 80 cm shelves, also in oakwood or white, users have the freedom to personalise the dimensions of the hood, perfectly adapting it to the environment.

The aim of the Lullaby design is to integrate secondary outlets to which a series of Elica accessories can be connected to complete the project. Cables in various coloured woven fabric, in steel, copper or rope, a lamp holder in ceramic, copper or wood, large LED light bulbs with very warm tones, are just a few examples of the available accessories. All the additional outlets offer the possibility for light dimming. Each extraction function and all lighting control is guaranteed by the practical remote control in metal and curved glass, easy and intuitive to use.

Thanks to the warm and welcoming light, the hood enjoys its highest expression even when the kitchen is not being used, making Lullaby an integral part of the living room.

Lullaby brings aesthetics and performance together: thanks to new air fluid dynamics, it guarantees powerful, efficient and silent extraction. Available in either an extractor or filtration version equipped with latest generation odour filters, it can be adapted to all types of installations. Its highest expression is achieved when combined with islands or peninsulas, with the latter enjoying increasing prevalence in the open space ecosystem.

It is by combining these characteristics that Lullaby’s true character is revealed: a product whose strength lies in its ability to create a dialogue with the surrounding environment and those living within.

  • Width


  • Energy class


  • Silence


  • Extraction capacity


  • Version

    Recycling / Duct out

  • Finishes

    Lacquered wood + stainless steel, Natural oak + white soft touch effect

  • Total absorption

    185 W

  • Controls

    Remote Control 3V+2I

  • Lighting

    LED Panel 28 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm


Product not yet for sale – coming soon. Energy label and product fiche will be published shortly prior to start of sale

  • Models

    Lullaby WH Wood/A/120 CSP180011

    Lullaby WH Wood/F/120 CSP180007

    Lullaby Wood/A/120 CSP180012

    Lullaby Wood/F/120 CSP180006

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