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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Haiku is the line of Elica hoods that best summarises the essence of lines, performance and materials. The name is inspired by a Japanese poem characterised by essential writings combined with the richness of conceptual suggestions. This new Elica extractor system is in fact the result of the desire to simplify and create a pure form, freeing it of superfluous elements while at the same time enriching it with different contents that work together in harmony.

Product benefits

  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter

Technical features

In just 32 cm of depth we find all the concepts making Haiku an extremely innovative hood in its category. The body and flue are perfectly aligned without any discontinuity, creating a single edge that delineates the entire product. An innovative solution designed for wall-mounted installation in the 32cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm versions and for islands in the 32cm, 120cm and brand new 180cm extended version with extraction along the entire length. In the wall-mounted version, Haiku features a high-tech system that offers maximum installation flexibility, allowing the depth to be adjusted from 32cm to 38cm so that the hood is always aligned with the kitchen wall units, in addition to creating a sense of lightness by creating a void between the wall and the extraction area.

Maximum care has been afforded to the details in each of its elements. The extractor part is characterised by die-cast aluminium grilles with cast iron effect, featuring an extremely linear design and offering the product a sturdy and professional look.

In just 32 cm of depth, Haiku conceals an extraction system with excellent performance levels in terms of power, extraction speed and silence (with 61dBA at the intensive speed of 730 cubic metres per hour).

Lighting is providing by a LED strip than runs along the entire length of the hood, guaranteeing the even distribution of light.

The control panel, made in a clear material, protrudes from the side of the product to guarantee maximum ease of use and so as not to visually disrupt the front surface consisting in a single monolith.

Haiku is available in different finishes to adapt to various styles: elegant black glass; Krion K-life, a solid white surface in soft touch that actively works to purify the domestic air; steel for a more professional look and porcelain stone with cement effect for a more contemporary mood.

  • Width

    32, 60, 90, 120cm

  • Energy class


  • Silence


  • Extraction capacity


  • Version

    Duct out

  • Finishes

    Black glass front panel with black sides ‘soft touch effect’, Krion with white painted sides ‘soft touch effect’, Concrete effect with sides grey painted ‘soft touch effect’, Stainless steel

  • Total absorption

    260 W

  • Controls

    Remote Control 3V+2I

  • Lighting

    Strip LED 1x7 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm


Product not yet for sale – coming soon. Energy label and product fiche will be published shortly prior to start of sale. 

  • Models

    Haiku BL/A/120

    Haiku BL/A/32

    Haiku BL/A/60

    Haiku BL/A/90

    Haiku WH/A/120

    Haiku WH/A/32

    Haiku WH/A/60

    Haiku WH/A/90

    Haiku Concrete/A/120

    Haiku Concrete/A/32

    Haiku Concrete/A/60

    Haiku Concrete/A/90

    Haiku IX/A/120

    Haiku IX/A/32

    Haiku IX/A/60

    Haiku IX/A/90

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