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Horizonte (120V)

Elica Design Center

As simple as powerful

Horizonte blends an ultra thin body -only 2" tall- with glass and stainless steel to perfectly compliment the clean, architectural lines of today's modern kitchens. Horizonte also features a powerful 600 CFM internal blower, combined with Elica's Perimeter Ventilation technology, which increases suction efficiency and allows you to operate the blower at lower speeds without sacrificing performance.

Cook up a storm and socialize without raising your voice with Elica's patented Elica Deep Silence System, which reduces sound levels at all speeds by 40%. Futuristic electronic glass touch controls operate the 4 speed blower and halogen lighting, and they elegantly fade out of sight when not used.


  • High Performance
    High Performance
  • Elica Deep Silence
    Elica Deep Silence
  • Long life filter
    Long life filter


Horizonte 36"   PRF0097333

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