Widawscy + Victoria

Design Studio

The interior of this apartment in Sosnowiec is a combination of art: paintings, poetry and music. 

Monochromatic color scheme is broken by accents of red and wood, creating the whole space of the apartment. The kitchen is elegant and modern: classic colors and simple forms dominate the space. There is the painting of an ancient man's character, made directly on the main wall of the kitchen, this unique solution gives character to the kitchen and connects this area with the main theme of the appartment.


A young and dynamic design studio in Poland, established in 2008 by architects Katarzyna Widawska and Tomasz Widawski. It is a multidisciplinary design studio involved with architecture, interior design and industrial design projects where they combine minimalism with timeless modernism. Their inspiration comes when combining the old with the new, they are fascinated by white and feel satisfied when they can share their work with others.

Widawscy Studio Architektury has received many awards: 1st prize in ”FoorniFEST” open national competition for interior of D58 House in Mikolow, 2nd prize in "Wnętrze miasta – vol.7 Katowice" open national competition for interior of D58 House in Mikolow, 1st prize in “FoorniFEST” open national competition for interior of D00 House in Dabrowa Gornicza, “Diament Meblarstwa 2012” (Diamond of the Furniture Industry 2012) for Rebox modular furniture and other.





T: +48 692691908

office address:

Widawscy Studio Architektury

ul.Broniewskiego 72b

42-520 Dabrowa Gornicza