Melanie Craig + OLA


The kitchen was designed for a home in Wanaka, where a complete renovation took place. This kitchen is on display from all areas. The blueprint evolved from the island, made of exposed plywood, stainless steel and supported by a trestle leg. Stainless steel was used for beams supporting high floating cabinetry and the main bench that extends onto the deck. The concrete backdrop was achieved by slicing and applying only the raw block face. A second kitchen behind an electronic roller door contains a sink, appliances and storage.
With this project Melanie Craig won Best Kitchen Design in New Zealand at the National Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2011. Melanie is the youngest designer ever to win this award and is one of the only two women to win it over the past 10 years.
Melanie and Gaynor understand the importance of knowledge. Melanie was educated under the 'National Kitchen and Bathroom Association' Gaynor is a certified interior designer. Fashion and management have provided them with the underlying expertise to build their kitchen, bathroom and interior design business.
After being in the industry for just five years, Melanie has already gained national recognition for her contemporary kitchen design at the NZ NKBA awards.
Melanie Craig Design Studio houses a contemporary kitchen using various products to allow clients to play. Designs are created with their clients at the core of all the decisions. Melanie and Gaynor endeavour to create stylish and functional living environments, from simple renovations to entire home design concepts. Melanie Craig Design believes style is more influential when it is less complicated. 
Melanie and Gaynor’s respect for the environment is another strong element of their business, displaying and working alongside New Zealand designers promoting natural products. They also rescue dated furniture, up-cycling to restore charm and sometimes add a unique twist to revitalize pieces that will become stand alone statements for clients to purchase.
Melanie Craig Design Studio worths a visit… you will want to linger.