Mauro Uliassi


We talked about cooking, fish, smells, chefs and suction.
Mauro Uliassi is a chef who cooks on his seaside restaurant in Senigallia, which he runs with his sister Catia.
In fact, Mauro Uliassi uses an Elica range hood that is installed directly into his kitchen and extracts fumes to the outside via an external motor.
We contacted him to ask him if he wanted to tell us about his design food in his domestic kitchen. Mauro knows so much about culinary arts that, with great willingness and a contagious passion, he began saying: “I am a great friend of range hoods”. You can read the rest here among a series of anecdotes, flavors and smells…

“I always ask for the best of everything, and even more with range hoods. When someone cooks, there are three fundamental things: cooking flames, refrigerators for conservation and range hoods for suction. The smells of the kitchen are amazing, but terrifying when they remain in a household setting".

"My hood and the hood of the future have to provide always more power of suction".

"Of course, you can cook without a range hood, a dish doesn’t need a range hood to improve its flavor. The range hood isn’t directly involved in the cooking process as an utensil or flame is. The range hood is an external element, but internal at the same time because of the air quality that I breathe within my house".

"You know when you enter a house where there is that bad smell… everytime someone enters a kitchen, before doing anything, they turn on the range hood, even just to boil water, to get rid of the steam".

"That time, for example, that the range hood “inspired” my new creation while I broiled cuttlefish. Sometimes while I cook at home for my wife and kids, I experiment with dishes that could end up in the restaurant. It happened with the cuttlefish, those small and dirty ones that come served with aromatic herbs and sea urchins. That dish was created by chance: we had tried different things to clean the cuttlefish, but everything took away their flavor. One time, thinking of how sailors used to eat fish that they never cleaned, I simply rinsed them without taking off the skin. I roasted them, cooking them with their liver. (it was) A more authentic flavor without having used a particular technique. Of course, I got rid of the odor of the roasted cuttlefish with the range hood in my kitchen. My house is an old windmill from ‘600, left to me by my father, where on the ground floor there is a big space, a living room, it is a setting of 90 square meters with two centuries-old oak columns that support the ceiling. There is the kitchen, a sofa, a table to eat on. Generally, one tends to fill up houses. One collects. Space itself is a value, where you live, you breathe”.