Luisita Facchin + STAR


The apartment is located on the fifth floor of the Casa Boni-Pelitti (1864), a historic building in Milan, situated in Via Castelfidardo, not far from the Brera area. The renovation project was a substantial one, with major modifications in the whole interior, providing greater height, illumination and usability. The entrance leads directly into the kitchen-living room area, the most spacious environment in the apartment, with large windows and French sliding doors, ensuring plenty of light and an enviable view over the city. 
There is where Elica hood was positioned: on an island above the hobs, bestowing a real sense of elegance and class around it. Parquet floor and wooden beams give the apartment a sense of warmth which beautifully sets off the colder tones –marble, steel and glass– of the kitchen and fixtures.
Thanks to a meticulous architectural project and a careful selection of finishing and construction details, the whole apartment has acquired new lease life, becoming a fresh angle to see the city that is itself wating to be looked at.
The L.F. & Partners architecture studio is located in Via Vivaio 24 in Milano, in a stylish building that dates back to the early 1900s. The studio’s philosophy is that, on the basis of the highest possible quality, ‘each project becomes unique’. Studio owner, architect Luisita Facchin, was born in Milan and is now involved in a variety of architectural fields, from architectural projects, urban and interior design and retail, to new constructions, making use of a network of professionals and architectural partners, working together with specialized companies in the fields of construction and architectural technology. Innovation, eco-compatibility, technical awareness and experimentation are only some of the company’s crucial features.
Via Vivaio 24
20122 Milan, Italy
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