Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine

Interior designer

This is a furnishing project full of warmth and elegance, with a particular focus on aspects of high-tech lighting. A key element to the space was Elica's Cloud Nine hood, which was protagonist and inspiration of this project. The hood’s sophisticated lines and centrally-placed light strip defined the lighting design that plays with the presence of other lighting strips formed from recesses on the external plasterboard wall surface and false ceiling. Natural materials such as wooden slats for the parquet flooring and stone for the cladding of the bio-fireplace were used, as well as one on tone colors for the walls and a selection of white lacquered furniture; the main features of the environment are thus highlighted in an atmosphere of sober and elegant harmony. As a finishing touch, a few chromatic elements were added for a pleasant hint of liveliness.
Andrea Vigorita has worked in furniture and interior design since 1996. In Turin, he created the Gallery Home showroom based on the idea of ​​a real gallery and providing a variety of home solutions, such as art furniture, contemporary furniture, lamps and lighting systems, perfumes, fabrics and wallpapers. Over the years, the company has gained more and more experience on the field of interior decoration, with a process of skill enhancement ranging from the study of high-tech lighting and design, as well as the creation of custom-made furniture, to the aquaintance of the world’s most prestigious fabric companies, becoming, along the way, a truly all-round design studio.
Andrea Vigorita
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