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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Lane is designed to be installed inside the cabinet, being invisible, and providing a high level performance and energy efficiency.

Product benefits

  • Total Integration Total Integration
  • Super Easy Installation Super Easy Installation
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter
  • Multi-D Capture Multi-D Capture
  • Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance

Technical features

  • Width

    60, 80cm

  • Energy class


  • Size

    60 - 80 cm

  • Lighting

    Strip Led 1x7 W 3500 K

  • Min-Max Noise Level

    49-65 db(A)

  • Version

    Duct out

  • Controls

    3S+B Electronic push button

  • Total power absorption

    257 W

  • Finishes

    Stainless steel, black soft touch effect, white, grey

  • Booster Airflow

    650 m³/h


Lane reach good performance thanks to  the perimeter aspiration that multiplies the suction surface.
Ease of installation, which requires a few minutes of work, also makes Lane a smart product dedicated to those seeking easy but high-quality solutions. 
The hood, which is totally integrated in the cabinet, garantees a total flush design for linear kitchen projects.
Lane, moreover, ensures an optimal and uniform diffusion of light on the hob thanks to the presence of the strip LED.

Grease aluminium Filter included

Where to see it


Click here to download Energy Label and Product Fiche



  • LANE 60 Stainless Steel PRF0157333

  • LANE 80 Stainless Steel PRF0157377

  • LANE 60 White PRF0157357

  • LANE 80 White PRF0157394

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