A world leader in the design and manufacture of range hoods for domestic use, Elica is movement and stability, expertise and curiosity, revolution and solidity.Since the start of its adventure in the 70s, the company has cultivated the principles that have distinguished it as a high qualified sector partner.Dynamism, constancy and refinement have always been the drive behind the change and the search for “New Air”, which has always guided Elica towards unexplored horizons full of possibilities.


Elica sees infinite possibilities in change; its spirit feeds on involvement, energy, curiosity and ambition to achieve new goals.Passionate, innovative and original thinking has always been the essence of our company.


"To give exceptional value to customers and professionals, in the field of ventilation, filtering and air purification in the home" F.Casoli New Air is the value attributed by Elica to people’s present and future; it is being open to ideas, challenges, people; it is imagination and building of a better tomorrow.Air is precious and belongs to everybody: this awareness guides the work of Elica– which has always been active in spreading the culture of eco-design and a new sensitivity – into projects marked by emotional aesthetics shaped on functionality, by a pioneering and distinctive character of technlogical solutions, by the intuitive results in installation and use and by the competitive value on the market.



Starting consciously from its italian origins and from a solid fund of technical knowledge and aesthetic intuitions, Elica moves naturally about the world, spreading the unmistakable quality of the Made in Italy into the international industrial context.Our ideals find expression in craftsmanlike care, technological perfection and strict control over production processes. from the pen of the designer to the hands of the artisan; from the knowhow to the expertise of specialists responsible for the quality of the finished product: this is our Italian way of doing.

Excellence of the made in Italy


Our philosophy and our method are based on participation, exchange of design and manufacture knowledge, in a multitude of competences where mechanics merges with electronics, fluid dynamics is linked to architecture and art feeds design.Barrierless links between people inside and outside the company in an international context: thus Elica embraces air contaminated by diverse passions and devoted to design innovation.

Business and people progress


To Elica, progress means inclination to improvement, sustainable innovation and future. the company has always embodied such values. it is an evolving company that constantly renews products and manufacturing processes; it grows at each new project and feeds people’s knowledge, skills and talent.The essential and distinctive character of Elica lies in its investment in the specialization of skills, the identification and enhancement of new attitudes and the quality of relations and work spaces.

Elica People


Fondazione Ermano Casoli

Dedicated to the memory of Elica’s founder, the “Fondazione Ermanno Casoli” was set up in 2007 with the aim of fostering the relationship between the worlds of art and industry by promoting initiatives in which contemporary art becomes an educational and methodological tool that contributes to improving working environments by favouring innovative processes.The foundation promotes projects that contaminate art and companies so that is possible to trigger original processes that strengthen creativity and social cohesion. In all its activities, the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli assumes the role of mediator, guaranteeing the artists full autonomy and freedom of expression and the company coherence and compatibility of the initiatives with its own needs and objectives.Elica is the laboratory where the Fondazione Ermanno Casoli experiences the value of its many activities.

Noi e L'arte contemporanea