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31 Juli 2013

How can we answer the question: "When can a brand, a company, be said to be truly innovative?" Probably the most common answer would be: "When these companies make products that improve people’s lives and that revolutionize the image of the product that went before."
This is what Elica has done over the years it has been in business, but that isn’t enough on its own: to get to this point what’s necessary is not only individual genius or powerful marketing tools, but an open and dynamic business culture capable of generating processes of innovation.
It is for this reason that Elica has won the two most important innovation awards given in Italy: the Premio dei Premi (Prize of Prizes), sponsored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and the IXI Imprese x Innovazione (Business Innovation) Award organized by the Italian Employers Federation, Confindustria.

These two prizes honour the commitment of all the people who work in Elica who, over the years, have produced not only product and design innovation, but also innovations in industrial processes and organizational structure, sustainable and environmentally friendly innovations and innovations in good business practices. It is not a trivial matter to overturn previously used production methods by resorting to World Class Manufacturing (WCM), which makes the entire value chain evermore efficient, leading to zero waste, integrating every stage of the chain in the most practical way possible, from purchasing to logistics, from production to distribution. It is not a simple thing to produce packaging that maintains its characteristics of solidity while at the same time reducing overall volume, eliminating polystyrene and thereby saving tons of CO2 in transport. It is not a little matter to organize English courses abroad for the children of employees. These are all initiatives that produce the quality and originality of Elica hoods.

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