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Design Elica Design Center

The slim Allasio with 4 3/4” height is ideal where under-cabinet space is limited, plus the contemporary styling and gleaming colors will compliment other appliances and most cabinetry. 


Product benefits

  • 3X Layer Mesh Filter 3X Layer Mesh Filter
  • LED Light LED Light
  • Smart Installation Smart Installation

Technical features

Allasio is equipped qith a 300 CFM internal blower, which provides sufficient ventilating power for most kitchens. The attractive, backlit push button controls illuminate an elegant blue glow when activated and allows the user to manage blower speeds and dual LED lamps.Dishwasher-safe anodized aluminum mesh filters are easy to clean and a snap to remove and replace. Available in 30” or 36” widths, Allasio is designed for standard ducted installation, and can be installed as a recirculating system, using the Recirculating Kit. 

  • Width

    30’’, 36’’

  • Sones

    Min 1.93 Max 4.2

  • Extraction capacity

    300 CFM

  • Version

    Re-circulating or duct out

  • Finishes

    Stainless steel



  • ALLASIO 30" SS EAL330S1

  • ALLASIO 36" SS EAL336S1

  • ALLASIO 30" WT EAL330W1

  • ALLASIO 30" BL EAL330B1

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