Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM


At the entrance of Milan there is this place of three rooms, which was completely re-designed transforming the day rooms into a single open space. The cooking zone was remodeled to be integrated with the living room and has a leading role in the space, where the only technologic element that stands out is the Mini OM hood by Elica which, just as any other decor complement, interacts with the surrounding space.

Photo: Elena Maria Bacigalupi - Milan

Company: ART&DIL s.r.l. - Zanica (Bg) - Italy. Site manager: Angelo Simone Begnini


Lisa Matilde graduated with honors in architecture from Milan Polytechnic. She has been doing research and teaching activities there and at the Università Iuav di Venezia. These experiences have allowed her to develop some distinctive characteristics of her work: passion, intellectual curiosity, tendency to experiment with innovative solutions, precision, attention to details and the ability to control the whole process from design to construction. Since 2001 she has opened her own professional studio, where she is dedicated mostly on residential and office architecture and interior design.

Arch. Lisa Matilde Albani
19, Strada VII San Felice – 20090 Segrate (MI)
tel. +39 02.7533411