A clear division between representation and residential areas and enhancement of architectural elements already existing (studio, brick arches, fireplace and antique mirrors).

From the reinterpretation of the internal organization of the trapped rooms, typical of the stately homes in Turin, they were identified three focal points of distribution: the wardrobe, the kitchen and the entrance. They regulate the flow of the inside spaces abolishing the use of the hall. These spaces become places with the highest density of architectural content. To support of them, they are flanked by the large living room overlooking the spectacular river, the master bedrooms and service. High-quality materials, such as marble and oak floors, were used extensively to raise the standard and safeguard the preciousness of some existing elements.

Since 2005 deamicisarchitetti focuses on projects that enhance that typically Italian proyectability of interpreting, contaminating and merge ideas and vocabularies from places, times and different cultural contexts, through creations that preserve the sense of time but are also new and original in the outcome and meanings.
This approach applies with particular attention to connections and the value of the space between the "things" in order to boost the usability, variety and beauty of the area.
The work of deamicisarchitetti is characterized by engineering complex and urban spaces customized, attention to detail and ability to return economic, usability and affective values to customers and the community, making every achievement precious and unique.