Andrea Livio Volpato + OM


Colors, shapes, materials, ligths, clearness...
All of them are key part of a space, they model it. The goal of this project was to create a flowing atmosphere but with a strong personality, avoiding the limitations of the characteristic box of walls of the house containers.
A captivating sensation, where the sigth of the space does not find any perceptive obstacle, a sort of open space without being a loft, an ideal room for living and working that has its basis on design but it is also comfortable and functional.
Self-employed since 1995 and based in Milan, Andrea has gained a variety of experience in Italy and abroad:
  • Architectural design and renovation, interior architecture (including boats and stands), external architecture and gardens for the public and private sectors in the fields of: residential buildings (houses, condominiums), commercial and receptive structures (shops, hotels, restaurants, spas) and industrial and service sectors (warehouses, factory buildings, office buildings).
  • Design, architectural Models (for exhibitions, real estate, competitions), photography, graphic design and illustration, design contests, collaboration in architecture and photographic publications.
He has been involved several times in the publication of projects, exhibitions of architectural models and photographic exhibitions and competitions. 
Andrea Livio Volpato
Via G.B.Cassinis, 75 – 20139 Milano, Italy
Tel +39 349 5602812 – Fax +39 02 39430151