Bianca Orazi

Like inspiration, concreteness too is a vital component of innovation.
Our teamwork with David Lewis - a design world game-changer - started up during the early years of this new century. It led to a genuine revolution for hoods.
From that time on, hood design took up a variety of truly adventurous options. One example is the Star hood, a hybrid of a lamp and a hood, covered with glass prisms.
Star was the initial concept. Interstellar is now a stunningly beautiful further stage in this concept’s evolution.
One of Elica’s great innovation milestones is the market’s first ever vertical hood - the Om. The Om dates back to the ‘mid-noughties’. The form is perfection itself! A circle inside a square.
Technologically speaking, its performance ratings were quite extraordinary, and remain so to this day.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

“We are the AIRchitects”