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Design Fabrizio Crisà

The first aspirating cooktop by Elica.
The aspiration system, equipped with
a central fan, can reach very high
performance levels in terms of fume
capture, low noise level and energy
efficiency. Thanks to a direct
communication with the cooktop,
NikolaTesla receives the information
coming from the cooking burn's zones
and automatically sets ideal aspiration
speed value. Available in filtering mode.
The cooktop has been designed to fit in
any type of living space

Os “plus” deste produto

  • Bridge Zones Bridge Zones
  • Easy Installation Easy Installation
  • High Performance High Performance
  • Pot Detector Pot Detector
  • Stop&Go Stop&Go
  • Temperature Manager Temperature Manager

Características técnicas

  • Funções

    Touch control

    9 Power Level

    Potencia intensiva

    Dicador de calor residual

    Automatic Heat Up


    Egg timer

    Safety shut down

    Superficie fría

    Child Lock

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