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In Mexico
since 2006

Elica Americas started operating in Mexico in 2006 with the goal of conquering the Americas market, becoming one of the top companies in the industry with more than 700 employees (white and blue collar) responsible of producing economy and decorative hoods.

For 2016 Elica Americas forecasted the production of 670 000 units, which represent 518 000 units for export and 152 000 units for domestic sales.

Elica Americas is located in Queretaro Industrial Park, the biggest in the city and the first in Mexico to get the Clean Industry Certification. It has more than 100 Wolrd Class companies from 15 countries and its location is strategic for commercial activities with North America.

Why are we located

in Queretaro, Mexico?

in Queretaro, Mexico?

Queretaro is a privileged city with an excellent location, modern infrastructure and connectivity, quality of life, and diverse touristic attractions. It is a fascinating city, a place that fuses centuries of history, art and culture in addition to extraordinary natural beauty.

Patrimonio Mundial Queretaro has an excellent geographic location, at the center of Mexico, and less than 200 km from Mexico City. It is the only state that has four World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO.

Queretaro is one of the best cities to live in. It has world-class hotels, entertainment options, convention, investigation, development and training centers, as well as public and private universities that provide the company the best specialized talent.

Because of its high industrial development index, Queretaro has 22 industrial parks of different sectors such as automotive, food and beverage, aerospace development and home appliances. It is considered one of the best places for new investments.


The legacy of Elica is transmited to the Americas, promoting a culture of air quality at home and technology. On this part of the world, people has been able to enjoy the benefits of OM, the first vertical hood in the world or Marie, the smart fragance diffuser.

AriettaArietta, our brand distributed in Canada and the United States, offers highly competitive products, following the Company's key values: reliability, functionality, quality and Italian design.

Our commercialOur commercial goal for 2016 is to produce 670 000 units, which represent 518 000 units for export. We want to be at more homes in the Americas becoming a model of air design. This first ten years are just the beginning!

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