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OM features an almost vertical glass surface, completely flat and smooth. A square containing a circle: virtually an abstract painting, only hinting at its real function. 

Glass is the predominant material, with almost invisible controls located beneath the glass that require only the lightest touch to illuminate and operate the various aspects of the hood. 

Halogen lighting is contained in a slim profile of reflective stainless steel placed at the top of the large square.  This mirror-like quality helps transform OM into a real light source, creating a fascinating atmosphere in the kitchen. 

Om’s 450 CFM blower is complimented with Perimeter Ventilation technology, which draws air through a narrowed channel around the circular face plate. The engineered airflow increases suction significantly without increasing blower speed or energy consumption. 

Product benefits

  • Easy Installation Easy Installation
  • High Performance High Performance
  • Long Life Filter Long Life Filter

Technical features

  • Width


  • Silence


  • Extraction capacity


  • Size

    80 cm

  • Finishes

    Black glass + stainless steel, white glass + stainless steel

  • Version


  • Commands

    3s+b Touch control

  • Lighting

    Halo 4X20 W


    691 m³/h

  • Noise Level

    59 db(A)

  • Total absorption

    330 W

  • Duct size

    150 mm

  • Models

    OM 01 S40 TC3I 4H AN+VT-WH/F80 PRF0103968

    OM 01 S40 TC3I 4H AN+VT-BL/F80 BRA PRF0103939

  • Accessories

    Aluminium grease filter KIT0010805

    Stainless steel grease filter KIT0010804

    Chimney kit (h 220-270) KIT01796

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