Francesco Magrini

Elica develops many products each year. Everything must be fine-tuned, and then tested and certified. At our in-house lab.
Think about the number of details we must check, such as safety, performance ratings, energy efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, and reliability…not to mention the packaging itself.
The task is anything but simple, but our products must all be perfectly safe and decidedly user-friendly.
We don’t see rules and standards as a limitation to our freedom. They’re a guide for us. We combine these rules and standards with our own technological know-how to provide amazingly energy-efficient products.
A point I never forget is that, sometimes, when you use a lot of technology, you run the risk of creating such complex products that only an engineer will be able to use them.
What we want, instead, is a technology that not only improves but also simplifies people’s lives.
Our induction hobs, the “NikolaTesla” aspiration hob, Sense hoods and Snap are all designed according to this direction. An Internet of Things for our day-to-day lives.

"We are the AIRchitects"