Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba

Product designers

How did your collaboration with Elica start?
We got to know Elica when we were working as Art Director for Schifini, and there was a real sense of affinity. We were asked to design a new product, and that was Clip, a great piece of work, highly innovative in terms of the kitchen environment and its accessories.

What was the inspiration behind your project?
The inspiration came from an intuition for a project both democratic and skilful, developed with great care to suit a user ready to accept the new challenge of design. We designed Clip to be surprising in terms of its formal simplicity and compact size, making it a transversal product, one suitable for all types of kitchen space and arrangement.

Elica pays great attention to design in creating its products – do you think the role of the hood in the kitchen is changing?
We believe that today contemporaneity  is a new and different interpretative key for everything that surrounds us, not only in relation to the hood, but to the whole kitchen itself and how we use it. Nowadays, kitchens are undergoing deconstruction and so the hood is increasingly becoming an "object" rather than something merely functional.