Giulio Iacchetti

Product designer

How did your collaboration with Elica start?
With Riccardo Diotallevi , then Elica’s head of communications , we started working on the concept of a hood that could solve the problem of the “eccentric” – in a mathematical sense – position of the exhaust pipe outlet in relation to the cooktop, a very recurrent problem in many kitchens, whether already existing ones or those newly built… and that’s how the “Eccentrica” hood came about….      

What was the inspiration behind your project?
The “Eccentrica” hood was formally inspired by the cylindrical shape of the sieve, there was a  consistent metaphorical reference there since both objects have to do with separating and filtering ...

Elica pays great attention to design in creating its products – do you think the role of the hood in the kitchen is changing?
The hood has changed and will change again. In the past we’ve already seen how the hood has taken over the role of light source, establishing  a highly effective presence. Then there were the excessively formal, self-referencing interpretations that never really convinced me. In my opinion there is still a lot of scope from the air sanification point of view and especially in terms of interaction through modern remote control devices. In other words, I expect to see more development involving the functional content rather than the aesthetic side of things.