Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO


The project, namedThe Charm of the Curve, involves the renovation of a beautiful penthouse: a fully glazed attic space where the kitchen occupies a volume of glass.
Considering the particularity of the environment, the architect has gone overboard in terms of colour and material: resin alternating with teak, purple giving way to acid green and blue, and ten designer chairs. This is the context into which she wanted to place the Elica hood.
She has been working as an architect in Milan since 2003. After gaining positive and constructive experience in many architectural firms, she decided, along with other architects and designers, to focus on the world of online design services, offered at an affordable cost to everyone. This gave rise to Interior Relooking.
At the same time, the all-female team provides renovation services into the same philosophy as Interior Relooking: a fresh, vibrant and different vitality brought to spaces through the work and vision of a young and creative staff.
Valeria Bongini
Milan, Italy
T: 0039 339 8042366