Turco Home + Twin

Brief description of project

Turco Home was responsible for the complete redesign of the dwelling, including wall and floor surfaces, lighting, furnishings and decorative items.

The idea was to create a coordinated, elegant, exclusive image with each individual object carefully chosen.

The result is a romantic environment dominated by light tones and soft contours, with contrast and character provided by a clean-lined, modern kitchen.

Bringing light to the whole space, there are chrome details such as the Elica hood Twin, which, soft-lined and lustrous, perfectly harmonizes the two aspects of our concept.

Company information

With years of experience in the field of interior design, the company Turco Home has rapidly established itself as a real point of reference for interior & carpet design for homes and public spaces.

An evolutionary process of growth has been developed over the years, never losing sight of the company’s principle inspirations, which can be summed up as quality and exclusivity. This is what drives the company, with its reputation for high-level customer care, cutting-edge technical solutions, the tenacious quest for originality and scrupulous monitoring of service quality. Today it offers a wide range of services: interior design, turnkey renovation, lighting projects, customised oriental carpets and high-quality decorative items.

Turco Home also deals with supply contracts for public spaces and hotels, with rendering services, customised furniture and textiles and elegant carpeting.

Turco Home s.r.l.
Sede legale via Mameli 4 bis
Showrooms: Prato Nevoso - Mondovì - Santa Margherita Ligure – Porto Cervo
Tel. 0174 490290 – 0174 334015
Mail: info@turcohome.com