Studio Marc + PLATINUM

Architecture studio

Remodeling of an apartment in Via Barbaroux, Turin
This design tackles a dilemma: an apartment in a late 17th century building requires complete remodeling. So, can it be given the warmth that the family wants without sacrificing clarity of distribution? Can it be cozy but at the same time rational and flexible? Perhaps, if we avoid getting boxed in by rigid pre-conceptions of form. The design aims to attenuate the usual contrast between new architecture and historical spaces for living by freeing the original three large rooms from all recent renovation work, to reveal the richly decorated wood ceilings. The concept concentrates a range of new functions within three dense volumes of different heights, thus leaving the other rooms open. The volumes are shaped from the existing walls rather than appearing as extraneous items: all the walls are treated in the same way seamlessly between old and new.
Design by MARC
Designers: Michele Bonino, Subhash Mukerjee
Collaborators: Mi-jung Kim, Cristina Marietta, Tommaso Rocca
100 m2
Principal: private
Photo: Beppe Giardino
Via Pietro Palmieri 50
10138 Turin, Italy
T: 0115174862