Simona Garufi + TWIN


Casa Decor is an architecture and interior design fair that gives opportunity to many professionals and companies to create within a month spaces to live inside of a completely empty building.
This kitchen project called "Past-IT. Hands made ideas" was born from the idea of creating a two-soul ambient, one strongly industrial, the other more handcrafted.
Steel, brick and concrete were mixed in a receipe of true original taste and a pure italian spirit. With the name "past-IT" that recalls the mamme who wisely created the home-made pasta.
The furniture were over the same lane: the suspended kitchen cabinets with a steel rail system as well as the traditional oven. Everything moves around the human, and not the opposite; a way of making more dynamic and contemporary the most creative space of the house: the kitchen.
She was born in Naples, graduated with honors at the Federico II architecture faculty in 2001.
In 2003 she lived in Milan and then Turin collaborating with different architecture studios and specializing in interior design under the guide of BSA Bottega Studio Architetti in Turin.
Since 2008 she lives and works in Madrid at her own architecture studio.
C/Hortaleza, 108 6° izq.
28004 MADRID