We are inside of a Milanese courtyard in front of a house with an banister "unspoiled" in its original elements. The recovery of a former machine shop on the ground floor has led to the discovery of a space full of light due to the windows showing a garden near the railway embankment. The living area fills the large room with a rectangular plan, where the transition from the living room to the kitchen is smooth. The kitchen was designed by adapting the Demode/Valcucine system Meccanica (a prototype by Gabriele Centazzo). It consists of a series of wall containers and an island with sink and stove, with an Elica hood on top.
Silvia works at the Monaco Scianna studio since 2004, particularly developing residential design projects applied to restoration and redefinition of spaces and structures. Since 2000 she is member of the Ordine dei Giornalisti as a publicist and has collaborated with magazines and publishing houses of design and architecture.
Studio Monaco Scianna
Via Colletta 55
20137 Milan
tel/fax 0289074647