Maurice Padovani + TWIN

Interior designer

Le Prado
The kitchen is composed of two fully white-lacquered parallel blocks. Both are apart from the walls around them in order to give them a status of independent pieces of furniture and not of an integrated system. The block in the back, taller and longer, is essentially devoted to store implements, dishes and supplies. The low islet serves as a functional bar for the dish washing and the cooking. The islet's worktop is a simple zinc sheet framed in an aluminium angle bracket which slight gap with the piece's body accentuates the suspension effect. Two suspended diesel's rock lamps (Foscarini) light the top. At the other end of the islet, the Elica Twin stainless hood complements the furnishing. To serve the extending oak table, there are "la Leggera" chairs by Ricardo Blummer (Alias). The table is enlightened by the short version of Twiggy, the contemporary alternative to Achille Castiglioni's classic Arco.
Interior designer in Marseilles since 1985. The first working years are almost exclusively devoted to design workspaces, such as: shops, hotels, restaurants, offices or medical practices. Always total creations, from space design to design of signs, passing if necessary through design of specific furniture suitable for each activity, each place and each customer. Since a few years, he is requested by private customers who entrust him with the adjustment of life places, houses, lofts, apartments or cottages.
27 bd Christophe Moncada
13015 Marseille, France
T: +33611505059