Manuel Benedikter + Capitol


House KaTo
Energy upgrading and expansion of a villa in Caldaro (BZ). The wooden structure and wood fibre external insulation have made it possible to achieve excellent results for the performance of the opaque shell. High performance as well for the wooden and aluminum doors and windows and double-glazing,  ensuring a high- quality relationship between interior and exterior spaces.
Study of architecture at the “Technische Universität Wien” and ESTAB Barcelona.
Lecturer for training courses for consultants of the  CasaClima Agency; workshop teacher for craftsmen and companies in the field of doors and windows and installation and workshops on designing sustainable buildings and energy recovery.
In March 2007, included in the list of CasaClima certifiers.
In September 2008, winner of “Best KlimaHaus 2008”.
In January 2009, teaching assistant at the Free University of Bolzano for the KlimaHouse 2nd level Master’s.
In 2011, Award for best “CasaClima Oro Nature”.
In September 2014, winner of the competition to design the Alto Adige stand for the Milan 2015 EXPO and realisation in early 2015.



Zwölfmalgreinerstraße 11 | Via Dodiciville 11

39100 Bozen | Bolzano

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+39 0471 050708

Photograph :  Marion Lafogler