Egue y Seta + PLATINUM

Graphic and Interior designers

Motel Bates suite designed by Egue and Seta lets guests have fun, work, eat, refresh themselves or sleep, just like an "apart-hotel". Around a single piece of multi-functional furniture the spaces are distributed on a freely radial way that recreates -by means of decorative elements- the most iconic film stills of Hitchock's filmography.
There, Norman Bates spies us through the keyhole, L.B. Jeffires has two rear windows, and "the birds" recall that 60's film. The suite of the Motel Bates propose, just as Hitchcock used to, a series of rooms that reveal one after the other, letting us to each time discover more of what is happening on the other side of the wall.
This duo was born at the classrooms of the Master of Interior Design at the ELISABA School of Design in Barcelona in 2005 with the purpose of exploring the professional ambitions of a graphic designer and an interior designer by offering a complete service to a diverse kind of clients.
The professional evolution through time has led to the participation in HORECA, commercial and institutional projects, as well as development of advertising campaigns, packaging, corporate image, web design and small audio-visual projects.
Joaquin Costa nº24 - 4º1ª
08001 Barcelona, Spain
T: +34 934430695