Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS


House of Francesco Floretti in Corridonia, Macerata.
Francesco is the eldest of three sons of Mario Fioretti, owner of one of the best wooden window factories in the Marches. Francesco is the main contributor of his father because the field of wooden windows is wide both for the variety and the complexity of performances -sealing, insulation, flexibility, etc.- as well as the large kit of hardware -transoms and door, lift-slide, vertical and horizontal pivot windows, etc.- and finally, because the most direct customers are the demanding, penny-pinching entrepreneur builders of the Marches of Macerata and Ancona.
The convent of Zoccolanti, today property of the town is always in restoration and stands on the hill south of the historic center of Corridonia. Francesco's house was a farmhouse attached to the convent. The access to the barnyard, upstream of the house and consequently to the house from the barnyard is elevated five to six steps next to the top floor that has gable roof. Alternatively, you can go down from the entrance gate and use the entrance of the ground door, also elevated in comparison with the square of access to the garage, which is large and subjected to the barnyard; in this case, the entrance is at level of the living room, the kitchen, Francesco's room and a second one for guests (usually sibilings). There is a third bedroom on the floor of the garage with a view to Corridonia and provided with a bathroom that provisionally serves as a large wardrobe.
An iron staircase with steps in teak wood resting on bent metal sheets connect the attic with the ground floor. The landing to this one is made with a block of concrete stairs covered of Aflon marble, material of which is paved the kitchen and the living room, in continuity with the entrance.
Heating system: Termoidraulica Cacchiarelli, electrical system: BF Plant - Macerata, garden proyect: Pozzoli - Firenze, works in economics: Marino and Lorenzo Luciani, entrance doors: Falegnameria Gigli- Montecassiano, marbles: Soverchia Marmi - Sanseverino, iron works: Trillini, Falconara M.ma, staircase and balustrade empty upstairs: Beltrame e Figli - Falconara M.ma, double braced larch: Gorizza - Rome.
He learns from the Roman school, under the teaching of Libera, then of Quadroni. In the 60's he beguins his work experience with T.A.U. studio. He lives and works in Falconara since 1972. In 1983 he studies at the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca.
He has worked teaching at the Faculty of Architecture in Ascoli Piceno, Ferrara and of Engineering in Ancona.
He lectures on their own work particularily in Palermo, Urbino, at the ILAUD, in Rome, Milan and abroad (at the Faculty of Architecture of Oslo and at the School of Architecture of the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh).
His work is suject of award, as well as exhibitions at Trevi Flash Art Museum and Milan Polytechnic.
Via E. De Amicis, n.1
60015 Falconara Marittima, Italy
T: 071 913994
F: 071 9164047