Atelier data + Twin

Workshop of architects and related technologies

The Varatojo House is placed on a hill, at east from the city of Torres Vedras, Portugal. Shaped by a spiral gesture, the house constructs a limit, a kind of line that gradually takes shape and thickness to accommodate the housing program. 
The design strategy began by promoting a relationship between building and landscape, taking advantage of the place's overlooking position and encouraging a strong complementarity between the house and the garden, which includes the use of native vegetation. 
The common areas are located at the groundfloor, which has most of the ambients: kitchen, living room and dining room, assembled into a single and continuous open space, enhanced by the ceilling design.
ARCHITECTS IN CHARGE: Filipe Vogt Rodrigues, Inês Maia Vicente, Marta Mateus Frazâo
DESIGN TEAM: Filipe Vogt Rodrigues; Inês Vicente, Marta Frazâo, André Almeida, António Cotrim
AREA: 380 m2
YEAR: 2013
PHOTOGRAPHS: Richard John Seymour
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS: Susana Maria Rodrigues & António Bettencourt
STRUCTURE: Emanuel Correia

"We are a Lisbon based office with an enthusiastic and multidisciplinary team. We work in architecture, urbanism and design, producin out-of-the-box ideas to the global market. Our focus is to search strategies to find clear and innovative answers to real problems".

"We believe that each project is the 'engine' of its own investigation, allowing critical, creative and innovative approach. Schematic and  elementary representations are both the outcome of process as well as a tool for diagnosis, research and communication of new solutions."
"The development of projects depends primarily on factors that have much more to do with the experience and intuition of each of the partners than with a strong structure or an organized common thought."
Among several competitions, Atelier Data has been distinguished with the 1st Prize of the International Competition RE:VISION DALLAS with the project Forwarding DallasDallas, United States; 1st Prize in the International Lisbon Ideas Challenge, with the project PowerFold1st Prize in the 3000 viviendas Competition in Vallecas, Madrid (Master's Collective Housing Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid), 1st Prize in the VECTOR E Entrepreneurship and Innovation competition organizde by the Innovation, Technology and Development Policy Center IN+ with the PowerFold proyect. 
Varatojo, Torres Vedras, Portogallo, Lisbon