Elica Experience

Elica experience is a ‘showcase’ aimed showing the best kitchens designed by architects and interior designers, from all over the world, who have chosen our products.
Each project highlights how Elica hoods can adapt to every space, style and need.

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  • Diane Berry + OM SPECIAL EDITION
    The brief for this kitchen was to create a contemporary, sleek, minimalist kitchen with the WOW fac
  • Andrea Livio Volpato + OM
    Self-employed since 1995, he has gained a variety of experience in Italy and abroad:
    Andrea Livio Volpato + OM Andrea Livio Volpato + OM
  • Officine Multiplo + Star
    Interior, Architectural and Communication Design
    A sophisticated and bright kitchen in Andora.
    Officine Multiplo + Star Officine Multiplo + Star
  • Camenzind Evolution + PLATINUM
    Architecture studio
    K.I.S.S. is a boldly realised residential concept on Badenerstrasse in Zurich presenting 46
    Camenzind Evolution + PLATINUM Camenzind Evolution + PLATINUM
  • Melanie Craig + OLA
    The kitchen was designed for a home in Wanaka, where a complete renovation took place. This kitchen
    Melanie Craig + OLA Melanie Craig + OLA
  • Diane Berry + OM
    Since setting up her own ALNO kitchen design studio in 2002, Diane Berry's business has gone from
    Diane Berry + OM Diane Berry + OM
  • Manuel Benedikter + Capitol
    House KaTo: Design where interior and exterior combine harmoniously.
    Manuel Benedikter + Capitol Manuel Benedikter + Capitol
  • Stefano Giovannoni
    Product designer
    Bubble, entirely designed and made in Italy, will be exhibited in Beijing. Elica’s functionality and
    Stefano Giovannoni Stefano Giovannoni
    A Milanese machine shop renewed into a modern home.
  • Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM
    A house in the Apennine mountains of Reggio Emilia
    Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM Lisa Matilde Albani + MINI OM
  • Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine
    Interior designer
    A furnishing project full of warmth and elegance, with a particular focus on aspects of high-tech
    Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine Andrea Vigorita + Cloud Nine
  • Atelier data + Twin
    Workshop of architects and related technologies
    Picture windows and wide spaces for a house on a hill.
    Atelier data + Twin Atelier data + Twin
  • Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba
    Product designers
    An interview with the creators of Elica's hood Clip.
    Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba Ludovica+ Roberto Palomba
  • Studio Marc + PLATINUM
    Architecture studio
    Remodelling an apartment in Via Barbaroux, Turin
    Studio Marc + PLATINUM Studio Marc + PLATINUM
  • Egue y Seta + PLATINUM
    Graphic and Interior designers
    Welcome to Motel Bates, a Hitchcock-inspired "apart-hotel".
    Egue y Seta + PLATINUM Egue y Seta + PLATINUM
  • Moreno Cedroni
    Nel mio percorso professionale ho sempre ambito alla qualità dell’aria in cucina, sia per temperatu
    Moreno Cedroni Moreno Cedroni
  • Riccardo Diotallevi + MENHIR
    The sand of ‘Velvet Beach’ inspired this superb apartment at the Adriatic sea front.
    Riccardo Diotallevi + MENHIR Riccardo Diotallevi + MENHIR
  • Luisita Facchin + STAR
    The apartment is located on the fifth floor of the Casa Boni-Pelitti (1864), a historic building in
    Luisita Facchin + STAR Luisita Facchin + STAR
  • Arnaud Desiree + JASMINE
    Cauchois in PARIS’ 18th arrondissement, on the 4th floor of a building designed by Gustave Eiffel’s
    Arnaud Desiree + JASMINE Arnaud Desiree + JASMINE
  • Widawscy + Victoria
    Interior of the apartment in Sosnowiec is a combination of art: paintings, poetry and music.
    Widawscy + Victoria Widawscy + Victoria
  • Giulio Iacchetti
    Product designer
    An interview with the mind behind the Eccentrica hood.
    Giulio Iacchetti Giulio Iacchetti
  • Simona Garufi + TWIN
    Past-it: an industrial -but handcrafted- kitchen full of life.
    Simona Garufi + TWIN Simona Garufi + TWIN
  • Fabio Gianoli + STAR
    Interior Designer
    "To do a perfect Job you need a perfect customer"
    Fabio Gianoli + STAR Fabio Gianoli + STAR
  • Carlos Torre Hütt + WAVE
    Interior & Industrial Designer
    A cool apartment made from a shipping container.
    Carlos Torre Hütt + WAVE Carlos Torre Hütt + WAVE
  • Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO
    The Charm of the Curve invades a beautiful penthouse.
    Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO Valeria Bongini + ADAGIO
  • Maurice Padovani + TWIN
    Interior designer
    A place near the beach of Prado in Marseilles is renewed to yield to creatvity.
    Maurice Padovani + TWIN Maurice Padovani + TWIN
  • Cucine e Più + Om
    Architecture studio
    Parque Granada 57 Parques de la Herradura , Messico e-mail: ventas@cucineepiu.com
    Cucine e Più + Om Cucine e Più + Om
  • Cassidy Hughes + Bubble
    Interior designer
    Bright and Airy Flat in Hoxton
    Cassidy Hughes + Bubble Cassidy Hughes + Bubble
  • Gaetano Pesce
    Product designer
    Fireplace, stove, oven, kitchen: objects and places synonymous with the idea of warmth, inhabiting
    Gaetano Pesce Gaetano Pesce
  • Paola Busetto + TIFFANY
    Architect and designer
    The kitchen of Sergio Della Mura, Rue de la Verrerie, Paris
    Paola Busetto + TIFFANY Paola Busetto + TIFFANY
  • Goodchild&Company + NAKED
    Set in a Victorian extension, the kitchen the family inherited had clearly seen better days. 'It
    Goodchild&Company + NAKED Goodchild&Company + NAKED
  • Turco Home + Twin
    Brief description of project Turco Home was responsible for the complete redesign of the dwelling,
    Turco Home + Twin Turco Home + Twin
  • Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM
    Architecture studio
    A bold but refined game of contrasts for a kitchen in Florence.
    Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM Armando Ferriani Studio + PLATINUM
  • Wendy Morgan + STAR
    This kitchen is a designers kitchen from Diane Berry Kitchens, Manchetser. The kitchen is an Alno
    Wendy Morgan + STAR Wendy Morgan + STAR
  • Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS
    A clear design for an ancient farmhouse.
    Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS Danilo Guerri + SOLARIS EDS
    The modern touch for a classic Italian riverside home.
  • Mauro Uliassi
    We spoke about cooking, fish, smells, chefs and suction.How can one not think of Mauro Uliassi, the
    Mauro Uliassi Mauro Uliassi
  • Riccardo Bucci + MINI OM
    The dining area is set within a pitched construction, the peak of which is masked by an extensive
    Riccardo Bucci + MINI OM Riccardo Bucci + MINI OM