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Moon island

Elica Design Center


Size (cm)175
Finishes/ColoursStainless steel
ControlsTouch control 3V+I - Double Touch control 3V+I (only for 180cm)
LightingNEON 2X21W (90cm) - NEON 2X28W (120cm) -NEON 4X21W (180cm)
Noise level db(A)68
IEC airflow (m³/h)691
Total absorption (W)316 W (90-120 cm), 344 W (180 cm)
Duct size (mm)150
Energy Class C


  • Ambient light
    Ambient light
    Elica studies on hood lighting leaves no stone unturned. Here we have thought about products not only able to light the cooktop, but the entire kitchen space. And so the hood is transformed: from a kitchen appliance to a true lighting element. Considering the design of Elica hoods, it is not hard to imagine how this option is quite unique, and represents one extraordinary point of strength for us.
  • Long Life Filter
    Long Life Filter
    In this case, the plus is a very efficient, one-of-a-kind odour filter, capable of regenerating itself and of lasting up to 3 years, while standard filters have an average life between 3 to 6 months. To maintain these characteristics, the filter only requires simple maintenance: wash every 2 or 3 months with hot water and mild soap (also in the dishwasher at 65 degrees) and dry in the oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees.


MOON ISLAND IX/F/175   PRF0079552


Long life filter   F00262/3S
Charcoal filter   F00333/s
Kit Filter Promo Mod. 15 Pz. 3   KIT0097522

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