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Majestic Sense

Design Fabrizio Crisà

Technical specification

Size (cm)60 - 90
Finishes/ColoursVetro nero + acciaio inox
ControlsTouch control
LightingStrip Led 7w 4000K
MAX Airflow (m³/h)603
Noise level db(A)60
Total absorption (W)207
Duct size (mm)150
FiltroFiltro grassi alluminio e Filtro carbone inclusi
Energy Class A


  • Back Aspiration
    Back Aspiration
    The models equipped with this plus have the air outlet placed in both the upper and rear side of the hood . The classic outlet is used in both the filtering and aspiration mode, with exposed chimney. The innovative rear outlet allows the hood to work in aspiration mode by connecting it to an exhaust fume duct, already fitted inside the wall, where the hood itself will be installed.
  • Double Breath
    Double Breath
    In addition to the traditional aspiration front area, a lower opening has been designed, that captures cooking fumes in an even faster and direct way, thus assuring even better performances. The Elica designers and laboratory testers study different ways of aspiration, going in every direction research takes them, investigating until they reach the most efficient solutions, and still not stopping there.
  • Easy Installation
    Easy Installation
    The Easy Installation plus has been designed to make the installation of a hood easier; in case the hood is wall mounted, through an adjustment of the appliance alignment between the cabinets; if the hood is built-in mounted, through well explained.
  • High Performance
    High Performance
    Excellent performance for models equipped with this plus. High fume capturing capacity with an aspiration range between 600 and 700 m³/h. With a noise level between 60-65 db(A) at maximum speed (reference point varies based on the hood category).
  • No Drops
    No Drops
    It's a matter of physics - it's a natural phenomenon: air goes from gas to liquid- the hoods installed over an electric hob or induction hob may be the cause of the problem of condensation. To avoid this inconvenience, Elica has enriched its product line by including products equipped with anti-condensation systems.
  • Wireless Connectivity
    Wireless Connectivity
    The wireless connection ensures constant communication between the induction hob and the cooker hood. Usage information of the hob (activated zones, cooking power and presence of pots) are transmitted in real time to the hood that processes them. The hood then selects automatically the optimum operating level to ensure a better quality of the air inside the kitchen. In this way it is possible to focus entirely on the food preparation. The hood turns off automatically when it is no longer necessary extracting cooking fumes, thus avoiding a waste of energy.



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