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Design Fabrizio Crisà

Emotions, interaction, and simplicity: the Elica hood creates a new relationship between people and their belongings.

A sensory relationship where air and light are toyed with extreme ease and dexterity by simply touching the hood lightly.
Feel accommodates the principles of interactive design with E-motion, the system which operates the suction and lighting electronically, simply by skimming over the large panels on the front of the beguiling hood.

The large panel surfaces correspond to the quantity of steam to be vacuumed, while the top panel operates the LED lighting.
Three different sectors protrude from the hood front, to cater to the desired function: lighting or suction.

When cooking food with low vapour and steam content, touching the smallest panel lightly should be enough, whereas if greater suction is required, simply operate the largest panel. For intensive cooking, it is recommended to operate both panels simultaneously.

Feel is more an experience than a simple product; both intuitive and stimulating, it goes beyond the concept of a mere household appliance. The hood relates to its user at the same plane, affording emotion-filled interactivity.


  • High Performance
    High Performance
  • Back Aspiration
    Back Aspiration
  • Led light
    Led light
  • Long life filter
    Long life filter




Long life filter   CFC0020331
Kit camino (h450-450)   KIT0010439
Kit camino (h 220 - 270)   KIT0010700

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